Clinical Outcomes are the globally agreed upon, evidence-based measurable changes in health or quality of life resulting from patient care. Reporting of outcomes and their continuous monitoring provides an opportunity for both assessing and improving the quality of patient health and care.

Vision Emergency and Multispecialty Hospital (VEMH), one of the healthcare service providers in the country  to implement and monitor clinical outcomes in India. This initiative further strengthens our commitment to PATIENT CENTRICITY by striving towards continuous clinical excellence through improvement and enhancement of our clinical care services. Further, the introduction of Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement [PROM] lends the voice of the patient to the entire process and helps enhance patient engagement and experience. Constant evaluation of our clinical outcomes against best available global standards motivates our medical workforce to continuously improve all aspects of our practice.

VEMH clinical outcomes are based on measurement of disease course and progression, quality of clinical care being provided, the success of the procedures/interventions carried out, and actual benefit perceived by the patient.

Details of individual procedure outcomes as measured using internationally accepted parameters and criteria, and further validated by our clinical experts, are published here and showcase our commitment to transparency in healthcare. VEMH is one of the hospitals to take the step of making clinical outcomes data available to the public.