The Intensive Care or Critical Care Unit of VEMH has a competent set of doctors in a broad range of conditions helping the critically ill patients using the advanced technological procedures and devices.

The specialized doctors of the VEMH in this specialty (also called critical care medicine) are involved in all aspects of care of the critically ill. This includes providing organ system support and the investigation, diagnosis, and treatment of acute illness. It also includes systems management and patient safety, ethics, end-of-life care and the support of families.

Critical care is provided to patients who need immediate care for their life-threatening health conditions – chronic illnesses, life-threatening trauma, accidental injuries, burn injuries, and other emergency situations like organ failure, respiratory failure, neurological emergencies, liver disorders and failures, sepsis, overdose and poisoning, Asthma and COPD, multisystem trauma, complications arising out of pregnancy and tropical diseases.

Critical Care Unit (CCU) at VEMH has an array of specialized and sophisticated Intensive Care Units to provide responsive care for critically ill patients. The patient’s condition is constantly monitored in these specialized intensive care units. The unit also has quick access to laboratory, diagnostic and radiology departments for ensuring 24/7 availability of these services at the disposal of patients. Our CCU’s adhere to universally accepted safety norms and a strong audit culture to make critical care safe for the patients.

Round the clock care is offered to the patients by experienced and trained critical care specialists, critical care nurses, pulmonologists, respiratory therapists, clinical pharmacists, respiratory care technicians, and support staff. Our specialists use sophisticated diagnostic, monitoring and therapeutic technology with an aim to revive and restore organ system functioning and overall condition of the patient and to treat the patient’s underlying illness or injury diligently.

The Intensive Care/Critical Medicine aims: