Gynecology in VEMH involves with pregnant women following a safe and healthy procedure delivering babies. While the Gynecology Department involves in the female reproductive system, treating a wide range of conditions, including sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and chronic pain.

VEMH offers a comprehensive service for the reproductive health and gynecological needs of women. Being a tertiary care centre, patients are referred from allover with a fascinating array of obstetric and gynecological conditions.

To provide a wide range of procedures like cesarean sections, instrumental delivery during childbirth, hysterectomy, removing growths, such as ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids and surgery to repair pelvic organ injuries.

To evaluate and manage recurrent miscarriages ,screening and management of preterm labor and PPROM, management of critically ill obstetric patients

Handling complicated pregnancy issues like maternal disorders like hypertension and diabetes.

Services Offered


Gynaecological Surgeries:

Laparoscopic Surgery for conditions like – Uterine fibroid, ovarian cyst, Adenomyosis, Uterine prolapse, Ectopic pregnancy etc.

Hysteroscopic procedures and surgeries.

Gynaecological Oncosurgeries:

Treatment of genital cancers like those of uterus, cervix, vagina, vulva and ovaries is done in co-ordination between the trained Gynaecological Oncosurgeon, Medical Oncologists, Radiotherapists for optimal care during surgery and subsequent care and follow up.

We also offer laparoscopic Radical hysterectomy.

Infertility Clinic:

Family Planning Services:

We offer contraception in the following ways – Barrier, Hormonal contraceptives (oral and injectable), Intrauterine device ( Cu-T).

Permanent sterilisation in the form of Post-partum sterilisation and laparoscopic tubal occlusion (LTO) and Male sterilisation.

Well Women Clinic:

We offer the following screening procedures for early detection of various gynaecological cancers.

Adolescent Clinic:

We offer care and support to adolescents with gynaecological conditions like – Polycystic ovarian disease, premenstrual syndrome, heavy bleeding, irregular periods etc.

Menopause Clinic:

Counselling and screening for all post-menopausal conditions

Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Breast Clinic:

Comprehensive Care for women with benign breast lumps, high risk breast conditions and Breast cancer.