VEMH General Surgery Department deals with the routine surgical procedures and also provide surgical treatment for a wide range of health conditions including appendicitis (appendectomy), hernias, block dissection of lymph nodes, inguinal hernia, umbilical hernia, abdominal hernia and hernia developing as a complication of previous abdominal surgeries (incisional hernia). Our experienced general and laparoscopic surgeons perform challenging and complicated surgeries to treat life-threatening health conditions of intestines, stomach, liver, abdomen, neck and chest. The general surgery department offer several surgical procedures on a short-term admission basis. Following a day care procedure, the patient can return home the same day after a recovery period.

Releasing of peritoneal adhesions: The wall of abdominal cavity is lined by a two-layered membrane called peritoneum that covers abdominal organs. When abdominal organs adhere to the peritoneum, surgery is required to detach the organs from the peritoneum.

Part of the intestine protrudes into the muscles of the groin; inguinal hernia repairs (surgical repair) correct this defect. The intestine is pulled back to its original position.

Debridement of infection, burn or wound: Infected, damaged, dead or foreign material is surgically removed from a burn or wound. After the removal of the dead or diseased tissue, healthy tissue is exposed to allow effective healing.


The Department of General Surgery at VEMH also extent its services for the active management of diabetic foot diseases.