The Department of Anaesthesia at VEMH offers anaesthesia services for all procedures requiring anaesthesia, elective surgeries and also for emergency care. Anaesthesia Department has experienced and skilled anaesthesiologists with hands-on experience in providing anaesthesia services to different sub-specialities of anaesthesia including neuro, cardiac, paediatric, obstetric and day care. Anaesthesia services are offered round the clock.

Well-equipped Anaesthesia Department with quality care at VEMH also provide anaesthesia services for oncology, endoscopic surgery, minimal access surgery, urologic surgery, organ transplant, dental, ENT, and cosmetic and other allied surgical specialities. Anaesthesia services are extended to obstetric for painless deliveries.

Our anaesthesiologists offer compassionate care to patients by taking pride of being preoperative physicians. They are with the patients to provide pleasant and comfortable atmosphere to the patients – and are determined to provide care throughout patients’ journey that begins from admission and ends at the discharge.