Infection Control Measures

Patient Satisfaction

Patient-centred and care giver is about engaging the patient and their family in every step of their care. We believe that caregivers, regardless of rank or station, must be respectful and responsive to the needs, wants and values of the patient and family.

By asking our patients about their experience in Hospital we can continue to improve our care, treatment and services in all aspects of the hospital. To do so, we need to know what we are doing and what we could do in a better manner. This means we depend on the patients to keep us informed. We need your feedback and value your opinion highly.

Patient feedback is one of the most important ways to find out what is working, and what isn’t working. If you have any concerns about your stay we encourage you to speak directly with your nurse, doctor and/or manager. You can also share your concerns with our Front Office Manager who will work with the clinical team or department heads to resolve your concerns.